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December 14, 2004

Well, I'm going to rearrange every page here soon. My  bike  stuff as well as  physics  section have not been updated for an extremely long time! Please, consider them as the ancient world history elements. :)

My  foto  album is getting more and more problem for me. It has almost exceeded my hosting space. And I just have no room to place my latest pics taken with my new camera. :( I think I have to move this old album (which I never going to delete!) to some free hosting account. When you are getting in touch with the history, downloading time does not matter... Когда речь идёт о чести семьи, разговор о деньгах неуместен! :))

I hope you remember the  address  where you can find the most recent messages from me. Sometimes with pics!

July 26, 2004

 Italian pictures! 

January 16, 2004

My new number: +7 (921) 740 9583.
 About  section updated as well.

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